Essential Oils Cheatsheet Bundle

Do you want to start using essential oils or learn how to use them better?

Become an instant essential oil ‘expert’ with my done-for-you cheatsheets. Get the bundle of 30+ printable cheatsheets for $17.

The Essential Oil Cheatsheets:

Lavender Cheatsheet
Tea Tree Cheatsheet

How would it feel to be able to use essential oils confidently without searching all over the Internet for information?

When I first started using essential oils, I got a little overwhelmed. I was constantly going to Google, looking in my reference book, and checking the label on each essential oil bottle to figure out how to use each one.

I knew these oils had lots of benefits that I wanted to experience, but it was taking a lot of time and effort trying to keep the benefits, uses, and dilution ratios straight for each different oil.

So I decided to come up with a simple solution: essential oil cheatsheets. I gathered all the important information for each essential oil into one printable sheet.

I’ve combined 30+ of these cheatsheets into one bundle that’s now available for you to buy for $17! The Cheatsheet Bundle contains the following:

Dilution Ratios for Each Oil

Benefits of Each Essential Oil

Specific Ways to Use Each Oil

30+ Different Printable Sheets

Bundle Includes 30+ Cheatsheets AND Bonus Diffuser and Bath Blend Recipes!

Each essential oil cheatsheet contains:

  • The name of the essential oil
  • The recommended dilution ratio
  • Topical benefits of the essential oil
  • Aromatic benefits of the essential oil
  • Internal benefits of the essential oil (if applicable)
  • Ways to use the essential oil
  • Precautions to be aware of
Geranium Cheatsheet
Cheatsheet Diffuser Blends

Bonus cheatsheets:

  • 18 different essential oil diffuser blend recipes using the essential oils in the cheatsheets
  • 6 different bath blend recipes also using the essential oils in the cheatsheets
  • All designed to be easily printable

About The Creator

Hi there! My name is Karen, and I’m the creator of this Essential Oils Cheatsheet Bundle.

I’m a lover of nature, plants, and using herbal remedies. I also have a horticulture degree and have spent time gardening professionally and working on an organic farm.

When I discovered essential oils, they completely fit it with my natural lifestyle and desire for holistic wellness (no chemicals or toxic ingredients, please!).

I’m constantly researching and looking up new ways to use oils in my everyday life. My mission now is to simplify using essential oils so that everyone can discover their benefits!

I blog about simple living and natural health at The Simple Life Simplified.

Happiness Guarantee:

If you aren’t happy with the Cheatsheet Bundle after purchasing, I’ll give you a full refund!

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