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Karen Cumberledge

Freelance Content Writer | Blogger

I’m a professional freelance writer with a passion for gardening, herbal medicine, and healthy living. I have a degree in horticulture, interned at a botanical garden, and plan to pursue certification as an herbalist.

I combine a lifelong love of writing with a heart for nature to create meaningful content for green businesses, blogs, and brands. When I work with you, your vision becomes mine, and I take over the writing so that you can focus on other aspects of that vision.

My areas of writing expertise include: gardening and plants, herbs and remedies, essential oils, green living, natural wellness, and mental health.

Below you’ll find writing samples of posts I’ve written for clients and for my personal blog. To get more information on my writing services and rates, please visit my Hire Me page.

Writing Samples

Gardening & Herbs:

Top 5 herbs to grow outside for beginners, including planting and harvesting tips.

Herbs and herbal products that can naturally help with pain and inflammation.

Adaptogens are quickly gaining in popularity as herbal supplements. What are they, and which ones should you try?

A closer look at lemon balm and the surprising health benefits of this gentle plant.

The top 5 herbs to help you get a good night’s sleep and simple tea recipes for each one.

Essential Oils:

Guest post on Green Oklahoma. Essential oils for stress and how to use them.

In-depth guide on essential oils, how to use them, and their wellness benefits.

Simple ways to use essential oils as part of a toxic-free lifestyle.

Green Living:

Tips for using natural ingredients to care for dry skin during the winter.

Simple steps that anyone can take to start living more sustainably.

A closer look at what it means to live a simple life and what to do when simple becomes complicated.

Seven simple swaps to make at home for greener and non-toxic alternatives.

Natural Pregnancy & Women's Health:

How to take care of the itchiness and discomfort of PUPPS rash naturally.

Postpartum hair loss is a normal but frustrating issue for many women. Here are 5 ways to help your hair recover after giving birth.

Find out why this plant known as “mother’s herb” is so beneficial for women and how it can be used.

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